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For years the S226 has been considered to be the best overall bang-for-your-buck surf boat on the market. The S226 is all about performance and it delivers on every level – solid wakeboard wakes, a smooth waterski wake and the best wakesurf waves in it’s class along with precise handling and an incredible ride.

When the S226 moves, everyone pays attention. With its pickle fork style bow, the most pronounced Deep-v hull in its class and new larger, attitude-adjusting Stinger Wake Plate, the S226 commands attention before you ever get behind it. The S226 features a picklefork bow design with lots of space for lounging out, a full wrap windshield and the sleek forward facing S5 Tower giving the boat a unique aggressive look.

The interior of the S226 is large and offers plenty of space for up to 14 people along with loads of storage space. New for 2017 is the gorgeous yet functional SeeTouch Touchscreen Dash with Zero Off along with a selection of amenities and features typically not found on boats in it’s class including snap out flooring, swivel board racks, bimini top surf sleeves and lot more.

Supreme S226 Overhead

Grab your shorts and let’s go take a surf set behind the S226!


LENGTH: 22′ 6″
BEAM: 102″
DRAFT: 30″

Supreme S226 Detail 2
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Lazy Boy

The S226 features a massive picklefork bow with contours to feel like stadium seating for watching the show behind the boat. If you like additional bow space the S226 has it in spades.

Go Deeper

The S226 sits atop the legendary Surftech V Hull – a hull that has a deeper draft (how far the boat sits under the water) than any other hull in the industry. This incredible running surface offers up 20 foot long surf pockets and a butter smooth ride in rough water.

Big Boss

Step inside and you will be greeted with an extremely deep freeboard throughout the S226. Large storage compartments, sub-floor quick fill ballast and one of the safest and driest rides available on any towboat are results of the thoughtful design behind this incredible surf machine.

Supreme S226 Detail 1
Endless Waves

When it comes down to it the S226 is all about the wave. The boat wakeboards great, skis awesome and pulls a tube like a champ but this boat is primarily designed to efficiently put out world class surf waves that can be easily tuned for any rider. From the hull design to the added features and hardware to the precise ballast placement everything about the S226 is intended to help your crew surf like nobody else.

Supreme S226 Detail 3
Supreme S226 Detail 8
Supreme S226 Detail 7
Rock Solid

Swivel board racks, bimini top surf sleeve and quick collapse with weight assist are some of the features of the awesome S5 Tower. The S226 comes standard with this forward swooping beauty that is rock solid and won’t rattle or flex when going through even the roughest conditions.

Beautiful Simplicity

Standard on all 2017 Supreme models is the new SeeTouch Touchscreen Dash. This system is elegant yet extremely functional and easy to use. Easily navigate between speed, ballast and instrumentation with the quick menu buttons and the vivid touchscreen that is easy to see even in bright sunlight.

Full Throttle

The S226 is powered by GM Marine Engines engineered by PCM. These power plants dish out over 400 horsepower and are fully torque optimized to quickly jump on plane even with extra ballast. In addition to being powerful these engines are 27% more fuel efficient than other motors – giving you even more value than you bargained for.

Supreme S226 Action
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