Centurion Boats Warranty Badge
Centurion Warranty Badge



The factory warranty offered on a boat can tell you a lot. If Boat A is so awesome and built so well, why do they tell you they will only cover defects for one year? There is a lot of rabble and marketing hype when companies talk about warranty, so we will be straight and to the point – every Centurion boat comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the hull and a full 5 Year bow-to-stern warranty on everything – with no hours or use restriction.

Was that too complicated? If so, here’s a cheat sheet for you:

You get stress cracks that start to run down the center of your boat 30 years from now = Covered (congratulations on your new boat!)

Your gel coat discolors or cracks in 4 years = Covered

Your touchscreen panel goes black in 52 months = Covered

Your stereo amp short-circuits and fries your speakers after 3 years = All covered

Your carpet frays and separates after baking in the sun for 4 years = Replaced

In 2019 your trailer axle blows up 2 hours past the middle of nowhere = Covered with 24 hour roadside assistance to get you home at no charge

Your transmission strips out when you go nuts and put 3400 hours on your boat in 4 years = New transmission for that worn down beast

Your upholstery turns blue, grows eyeballs and starts screaming at you = We will beat it down with baseball bat and swap it for more polite vinyl

Your crazy ex takes a chainsaw to your beautiful boat = Not covered, but we will be happy to toilet paper his/her house for you.

Make sense? Good. From the motor to the trailer to the components in the boat you are covered for 5 years. Read the fine print when looking at other boats, and you will understand why we can state that we build the best boats on the water.

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