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In 2002 Centurion pioneered the first wakesurf-focused Deep V hull design on a V-Drive boat. While most boat manufacturers are just starting to dip their toes into the deep V waters, Centurion and Supreme are now 18 hull generations deep. With 14 years of research, development and improvement under its belt, it is no wonder that the new Centurion Ri series have been rated as the best performing wakesurf boats in the world.

Centurion Ri257 Surf Wave
The Best Wakesurf Hull Ever Developed

The new Centurion Ri series hull is like nothing else found on the water. The Ri hull started with some of the wakesurf technology that made the Centurion Enzo renowned the world over. The “swoosh” feature on the side channels water back behind the boat instead of displacing it to the side, giving your wave more power and volume as well as a longer pocket. The Ri hull is unique in the fact that it is designed to churn out a perfect surf wave while running completely level using the QuickSurf System. The Ri series hull is designed with QuickSurf in mind, allowing it to produce a wave while running with completely level ballast that is superior to a wave produced when listing the boat to the side, a feature unique to the new Ri series. The impressive depth of the Ri hull allows it to safely pack more factory ballast than any other boat on the water.

Wakeboarding at All Levels

The new Ri series hull delivers wakeboarding wakes unlike any Centurion to come before. No longer can a Centurion be considered only a “surf boat”. The Ri217, Ri237 and Ri257 produce some of the most customizable wakeboard wakes in the world – delivering the perfect ramp for any rider regardless of ability level or preference.

All Centurion boats come equipped with the exclusive CATS system allowing your Centurion to produce a clean wakeboard wake regardless of where people are sitting in the boat. No need to move people or ballast around in an effort to clean up your wake. Taking it a step further, the CATS system can clean up a wakeboard wake on either side as low as 14 mph, far slower than a typical wakeboard boat, allowing riders to learn tricks without taking hard falls.

Centurion Ri257 Wakeboard Wake
Centurion Ri237 Big Detail 1
Whisper Smooth Ride

This design has been proven time and time again to produce a “better” surf wave, but the benefits go far beyond wakesurfing. For over a decade Centurion boats have been renowned as having the best rough water handling of any towboats on the market. When chopping wood would you rather use a hammer or an axe? The same principle applies when it comes to driving through rough water. The steeper the angle of the V in the bottom of the boat, particularly at the back half, the easier it will separate water and the smoother it will feel. Though some boat companies have a deeper V hull at the front of the boat, this area never touches the water when cruising at speeds. Regardless of which model you choose, every Centurion and Supreme features a hull that will handle less than ideal conditions with ease. Don’t enjoy the slapping vibration you feel when you hit a big swell on other V-Drive boats? Well you can now say goodbye to it forever.

Centurion Ri217 Action 3
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