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For over 25 years we have been the exclusive Centurion dealership for the Mountain West region – representing a single brand longer than any other dealership in the state of Utah. Put simply, we believe in Centurion – We own them, we use them and we love them as much as our customers do. The words on these pages are ours – our own views and experiences with the models, features and technology offered on these boats. Let us know what you think and what questions you have. We are here to help and here to have fun, just like you.


Check out the full 2017 line of Centurion boat models, compare the differences and get the full breakdown on each one.

Centurion Boats Technology


There are more groundbreaking innovations packed into a Centurion than any other boats on the water. From Ramfill to CATS to Downfire and more, check out the full details on the most advanced boats on the market.

PCM Engines


PCM leads the industry with their line of engines featuring the exclusive Direct Injection Technology Рthe most advanced towboat motors ever developed. Get the full details here.

Centurion Boats Construction


Here we dig deep into the materials, craftsmanship and ingenuity that go into building a boat that will last far longer than you will own it.

Centurion Boats Warranty Thumb


Centurion boats are backed with the best warranty in the business. Here we get into the fine details on the warranty that will have you covered for years.

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