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Debuting at the BoardCo booth in the 2018 boat show, virtual reality wakesurfing is here! Come check out what wakesurfing behind the new Centurion Boats is like for free! We took it upon ourselves to tackle this project over the summer and the result is awesome. When you put the VR headset on, you’ll experience what wakesurfing behind a 2018 Centurion boat on a beautiful day is like. Hearing tunes bump and seeing water splashing as you are immersed in surfing virtually behind a Centurion, you’re guaranteed to be in awe. We’ve labeled it the Centurion VRsurf Experience. With the Centurion VRsurf Expereince, you can get the full effect of surfing 25 feet behind the best performing wakesurf boats in the world. You’ll be able to grasp the size, lengthand power of how our new wakesurf boats perform. The [...]

2018 ushers in the most impressive lineup of Centurion wakesurf and wakeboard boats to ever hit the market. These new boats are packed with the most innovative features to date along with the most luxurious finishes available on any towboat. Here is a quick taste of some of the changes and newness available on the 2018 Centurion lineup:

The Fi23 – The all new Centurion Fi23 is a 23 foot wake and surf machine that delivers incredible performance at an even more incredible value. The Fi23 is a beautiful 23 foot boat that features aggressive lines and contours that can only be achieved with Centurion’s unique Vacuum Infusion Process technology. You haven’t seen anything like this boat before and it is the perfect boat if you are looking to maximize your value and still get the best wakes and waves available on any boat in the world.

Next Generation Quicksurf Pro – The Quicksurf Pro system [...]

Do I need a Pro Level Wakesurf Wave

Wakesurfing is easier and more fun with the right wave!

Do I Need a Pro Level Wakesurf Wave?

Over the past several years I frequently hear the comment from potential boat buyers, “My family and I want a boat mostly to wakesurf behind, but we are not professionals so we don’t need a pro surf wave.”  Well, I can say, from personal experience teaching hundreds of people to surf, that this idea is a misconception.  I do agree that for a beginner to intermediate level wakeboarder’s perspective (90+ Percent of people), a professional level wakeboard wake is too big, very intimidating and limits progression.  However, for a beginner to intermediate level wakesurfer’s perspective, a “professional-level” surf wave leads to much easier and overall much better experience.  With the right wave progression is much faster, and easier.  In fact if you weigh over 190 lbs. learning to really surf (throw in the rope and ride) is just about impossible without a good quality surf wave .

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